Akira|Select exports all vehicles through one of the largest vehicle exporters in Japan and the United Kingdom so can offer very competitive prices and frequent shipping schedules worldwide.

Akira|Select use Autoterminal as there service and distribution centers which are located in the following locations.

AutoTerminal Americas (ATA)

Servicing the Caribbean and Central America from a purposely-built distribution center in Port Everglades, Florida, USA.

AutoTerminal South America (ATSAM)

Located in Iquique, Chile and serving countries in Latin America.

AutoTerminal Australia (ATOZ)

With its head office in Brisbane.

AutoTerminal United Kingdom (ATUK)

Located in Marchwood, Southampton.

AutoTerminal Africa (ATAF)

Located in Durban, South Africa.

AutoTerminal New Zealand (ATNZ)

With offices in Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, and Whangarei.

For New Zealand customers our CIF fees include full coverage on the following:

  • FOB Fee (Japan)
  • MAF Cleaning (Japan)
  • MAF & LTSA Fees (Japan)
  • Odometer Inspection (Japan)
  • Ocean Freight (Japan)
  • Maritime Insurance (Japan)
  • Customs Clearance (NZ)
  • Port Service Charge -PSC (NZ)
  • Transport to yard or compliance centre (NZ)

Selected Autos Ltd (NZ)

We are able to transport vehicles from our premises in Auckland to any destination in New Zealand by either road or rail.